SAN ANTONIO – Crime Stoppers of San Antonio is reinvigorating its program after seeing a decline in tips and funding.

"We get so much from restitution, we get so much from state grants -- we're having to depend more and more on donors, because government support is not as predictable," said Duane Cruz, vice president of the Crime Stoppers' board. 

The group announced a partnership with a local marketing company ValPak of San Antonio, and is offering new services to the community in hopes it will restore enthusiasm and interest in the community in helping solve crimes.

The partnership with ValPak allows the San Antonio Police Department to advertise Crime Stoppers notices for crimes and persons of interest in the county. The notices will appear on advertisements of Crime Stoppers sponsors.

As part of its new services to the community, Crime Stoppers will begin offering a child identification kit and senior identification kit to assist families with providing law enforcement information in the event of an AMBER or SILVER Alert.

Next month, Crime Stoppers and Education Service Center Region 20 will also host the first school safety summit for superintendents and campus administrators.

School staff will be given information on parent and student engagement to prevent crimes, how Crime Stoppers is being used to keep schools safe and they will have the opportunity to evaluate district policies to anticipate, prevent and react to threats on or near a school campus.

See Crime Stoppers' schedule of upcoming events.