American Red Cross regional CEO responds to those who say not to donate to organization

American Red Cross responded to record number of disasters in 2017


SAN ANTONIO – Last year, the United States was hit by numerous natural disasters, including hurricanes and wildfires.

During the aftermath of these disasters many criticized the American Red Cross, where their donation dollars were going and lack of response.

Houston Councilman Dave Martin was especially critical. During a public meeting he begged people not to donate to the Red Cross because of their lack of response.

WATCH: Houston city councilman begs people not to donate to Red Cross

Red Cross Region CEO Josh Lockwood says the organization is striving to make itself better.

"Disasters, by nature are very challenging, chaotic situations, and we at the Red Cross always take criticism very seriously when it occurs and we do our best to rectify any situation," Lockwood said.

Lockwood addressed the situation ahead of the American Red Cross Day of Giving on March 28.

There are several ways to give to the Red Cross. You can give monetary donations, volunteer or give blood.


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