Storms slam Rockport area, heavily damage home

7 construction workers escape serious injuries

Seven construction workers escaped serious injury after a possible tornado hit a home in Holiday Beach near Rockport in Aransas County early Thursday morning. 

The workers were inside a home along Belaire Drive around 1 a.m. when the second story of the home collapsed due to high winds, National Weather Service officials said.

Dianne Nielsen said her home was destroyed for the second time. The first time it was leveled was when Hurricane Harvey slammed the Gulf Coast in August.  

"We went through so much trauma. We cried a lot. We mourned a lot. We lost everything we owned," she said.

Despite the double dose of bad luck, Nielsen has hope.

"It's fine. We are going to be OK," she said.

An NWS survey team is working to find out if the damage was caused by a tornado or straight-line winds.

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