BCSO introduces 'mind-reading deputies' in hilarious April Fools email

Deputies pictured left to right: Knott, Sirius, Abril, Fullz, Daye and Gotcha!

SAN ANTONIO – The Bexar County Sheriff's Office won April Fools day, introducing a group of mind-reading deputies called the Sheriff's Psychic Investigators.

The group is obviously a joke, but the Sheriff's Office stuck to their guns and went all in on the joke in an email sent to media groups early Sunday morning.

"These mind-reading cops will start patrolling Bexar County Streets in the next several days, and they will
be using their powers of E.S.P. to look into the minds of criminals who may be thinking of breaking the law," the email said.

According to the email, "no warrant will be needed, as a recent court ruling just determined there is no expectation of privacy in a person’s thoughts."

“This team will be unstoppable," Sheriff Javier Salazar said. "They have already helped us save lives by finding Timmy in a well and they even helped me find the lost keys to the jail, which had fallen behind the couch... All with their powerful minds.”