Family waiting for answers in Atascosa County shooting

'We need closure, whatever direction it takes,' family says

ATASCOSA COUNTY – The family of a man shot Saturday night in Atascosa County is waiting for answers as investigators try to determine whether or not he died by his own hand.

The Atascosa County Sheriff's Office was called out to the 300 block of Encino Drive a little after 11 p.m. Saturday night where they found Dagoberto Enriques, 35, dead. The circumstances, though, are still sketchy.

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Sheriff David Soward said Enriques was with friends and relatives at the time of the shooting. Three witnesses told investigators that Enriques had put a bullet in a revolver, spun the cylinder and pointed the gun around before pointing it at his own head and pulling the trigger, Soward said.

However, the sheriff said, there is missing evidence and missing witnesses. So Soward said his office is not calling it one way or another until they do more investigating and receive the autopsy report.

Meanwhile, his family, who described Enriques as a big-hearted and hard-working father of six, has a hard time wrapping their heads that possibility.

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His brother-in-law, Vincent Hernandez, doesn't believe Enriques killed himself, which he said would be totally out of character.

"He lived for his kids," Hernandez said. "He wanted to give them a better life, and he was the sole provider."

For now, though, the family can only wait for the investigation to finish.

"We can't assume anything. We need to know," he said. "We need closure, whatever direction it takes. Whether it be that he actually did take his life or there was foul play involved. We need to know."

Hernandez said Enriques had been visiting from Dallas to help fix up a family member's house a few doors down from where he died. That kind of selfless desire to help out was who Enriques was, Hernandez said.

"Literally would give you the shirt off of his back," Hernandez said. "Pulled over numerous times on numerous occasions. We're driving down a highway, car's pulled over with a blown tire, he pulls over. He helps 'em out."

It was Hernandez's turn to step up on Sunday as he too came down from Dallas to support his sister, Enriques's wife as they wait on answers.

"And if it turns out that he took his own life, then as a family we'll deal with it. And that's all we can do," Hernandez said.

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