Sharp security video shows thief trying to break into Monticello home, stealing packages

Community complaining of crime communicating and urging each other to speak up

SAN ANTONIO – The Monticello Park community right next to Jefferson High School is banding together. One neighbor is speaking up after becoming one of the many complaints of increased crime in the area.

His system of security cameras captured unbelievable, clear video of a thief trying to break into his home last Friday.

The man in the video has a distinct neck and face tattoos, but he still walked up to the front door calmly and casually. 

He tugged on the handle, found it locked and then took his time contemplating before he grabbing three packages on the doorstep and heading back to a maroon Chevy sedan, where another man was standing watch.

"In the middle of the day! It was just after lunch," the homeowner said.

He didn't want to give his name for safety reasons, but said the packages aren't what he's worried about. 

"Low value items, but for somebody to try to get into your door to see if it's open, you gonna come if we're home or not? That's a real problem for safety," he said.

His neighbors share his concern. He sees it weekly on the very active Monticello community Facebook page. 

"Probably three-four times a week there's somebody posting a theft of some sort," he said.

He installed the camera system about two years ago. It used to be motion sensor but after the theft happened he set it up to run 24/7.

He knows only a wider web can catch these criminals.

"I frequently see police going up and down the street, they park cars here and there, but really for more people in the community that have something happen to make reports to the police. If you have surveillance cameras take that video give it to police," he said.

Anyone who recognizes the man in the video or the maroon car with black rims call San Antonio police at 210-207-7273.

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