Family of hit-and-run victim believes somebody in community knows who suspect is

Driver who hit and killed Isaias Gomez took off after car caught fire

SAN ANTONIO – There's a cry for justice for a local locksmith with a love for his family and community.

Isaias Gomez III, 43, was killed in a hit-and-run car crash on March 25. He was driving on Culebra Road near San Ignacio, just blocks from his house, when a car with no headlights smashed into him, killing him.

The driver took off, but the car caught fire and whoever was in the car abandoned it. Police are still searching for that person.

"He always made sure people had what they needed. He always took care of us. He always made people laugh. He was a great person. He was my best friend," said Gomez's son, Isaias Gomez IV.

They shared a name and a special bond.

"It's one thing about my dad dying, but it's another knowing someone else took his life. That's what kills me," he said.

It also kills Gomez to hear rumors that people in the community may know who the suspect is. 

"The neighborhood we’re in, nobody wants to speak up because they know the consequences," he said. "If they do know something, please speak up. Come to the authorities. Let us know anything they can. It will help us sleep at night."

Gomez and his family have lived in the area their entire lives and know a lot of people there. A memorial set up for the victim grows bigger and bigger every day.

Everyone who knew and respected Gomez hopes someone with any information will do the right thing and call police at 210-207-7273. 

The Gomez family is holding a benefit and plate sale this Saturday. It's from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at RJ's Snack Shack at 3644 Culebra. 

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