Cibolo police clear 'persons of interest' in fraud investigation, apologize for mix-up

Cibolo PD apologizes for misunderstanding

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CIBOLO, Texas – Cibolo police are apologizing for wrongly identifying two persons of interest in a credit card fraud investigation.

On Friday, Cibolo police posted on Facebook surveillance pictures of two men they called "persons of interest." News outlets, including KSAT, shared that information in a web article. Now, police say they had the wrong men.

On Tuesday, the original post was removed, and a new one offered an explanation for the mistake.

"The original information received from the business providing the surveillance video was a result of a mix-up of times vs. a.m. and p.m. when the actual incidents took place," Tuesday's Facebook post reads.

Cibolo police say they contacted one of the men from the original post and apologized. They say the investigation will be updated when the correct surveillance video is obtained.


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Posted by Cibolo Police Department on Tuesday, April 10, 2018

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