$4 million pedestrian bridge project nears completion on Southwest Side

Purpose of project to save lives

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SAN ANTONIO – The Texas Department of Transportation said a pedestrian bridge that’s nearing completion is aimed at deterring people from running across a section of Highway 90 near Loop 410 on the Southwest Side.

Fast Facts:

  • The Texas Department of Transportation is constructing a pedestrian bridge across a section of Highway 90 near Loop 410 in an effort to save lives.

  • Highway 90 between Southwest Military and Loop 410 has six lanes, three in each direction, plus frontage roads.

  • Since 2011, there have been six pedestrian-related crashes, two of which resulted in death.

  • Even though the Texas Department of Transportation installed a fence along the Highway 90 barricade, nearby residents reported seeing people climb the fence to get to the other side.

  • TxDOT said it would take about six to eight minutes to walk to Southeast Military from the mobile home park on Highway 90 to where one could cross to the other side.

  • TxDOT said the $4 million project should be completed by the end of the year.

What TxDOT’s Josh Donat is saying:

“You shouldn't be walking anywhere on an expressway like that.”

“Individuals are making the decision to play frogger with their own lives.”

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