ACS reminds people keeping pigs as pets illegal in SA after large pig found abandoned

Pig in good health

SAN ANTONIO – Animal Care Services is reminding the public that it is illegal to keep pigs as pets within city limits after a 50-pound Vietnamese potbelly pig was found wandering at a man’s home Thursday.

ACS said it’s not sure where the pig, known as Petunia, came from, but it’s likely she may have been kept as a pet while she was little and eventually outgrew her home.

“A lot of people think, ‘Oh, it's just a cute little pig.’ Well, those cute little pigs sometimes get (to) 40, 50, 150 pounds, so Petunia may not actually be full size yet. Pigs of any sort are illegal in San Antonio,” said Lisa Norwood, with ACS.

ACS said the pig is in good health, aside from being found a little dirty and hungry. Officials are working on moving Petunia to a rescue group outside city limits.