Man threw gallon of gas inside woman's home after night of drinking beer, affidavit says

Jeffrey Draper, 54, charged with a first-degree felony arson

Jeffrey Draper, 54, charged with a first-degree felony of arson
Jeffrey Draper, 54, charged with a first-degree felony of arson

SAN ANTONIO – A San Antonio man was arrested Thursday after arson investigators said he tried to set a woman’s house on fire after the pair got into an argument.

According to an arrest affidavit, Jeffrey Draper, 54, was drinking beer with a woman at her home when the dispute occurred.

Draper told arson investigators with the San Antonio Fire Department that the woman then told him to "get the (expletive) out" and forced him out of her house, which is on the city’s far West Side.

Draper said he went to his home, got a gallon can of gas and returned to the woman’s house.

While standing outside the woman’s window, Draper told investigators, he then lit the open end of the can of gas with his lighter and threw it into her open window before running away.

The woman told investigators she was drinking a beer when the flaming can of gas came flying through her window and hit her on the leg starting a small fire.

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According to the affidavit, the woman saw Draper at her window when he threw the can of gas and told him to go away. The fire was put out so quickly by the woman that arson investigators did not find any burn signs.

However, the can of gas with a melted pouring spout was recovered as evidence.

Draper is being charged with arson, a first-degree felony. His bond is set at $50,000.


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