Miami high school faces backlash for using caged tiger as prom entertainment

Prom theme was ‘Welcome to the Jungle'


MIAMI – Christopher Colombus High School in Miami is facing backlash after bringing in a caged tiger as the school’s prom night entertainment Friday.

The theme of the prom was “Welcome to the Jungle,” and also included fire performances and several other animals, including a lemur, two macaw parrots and an African fennec fox, according to Local 10 in Miami.

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A concerned parent, Maria Castellanos, posted videos of the surprise entertainment to social media, calling out the school for allowing wild animals to be used as entertainment.


"That tiger was in distress. The reason he is pacing up and down and his ears (are) going back is because he is showing you distress,” Castellanos said.

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The school released a statement following the performance, apologizing for using animals as part of a prom celebration.

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