Army veteran proposes having fellow service members protect local schools

Cynthia Barrientes says her idea protects students, employs veterans

SAN ANTONIO – Like so many people following Friday’s senseless shooting in Santa Fe, Army veteran Cynthia Barrientes felt compelled to do something.  She felt frustrated and helpless.

Her hobby, she explained, is painting. So brush in hand, she painted a sign and hit the streets Saturday morning. 


Horns honking, as her sign asked, her idea seemed to meet with the approval or motorists.

“I feel that my service is not done yet,” Barrientes said. “I feel that I need to do something…say something.”

What she is saying with her sign is simple, she said. Have veterans, in uniform, posted at schools as a deterrent but ready to act should it be necessary.

“I believe that our children need to be protected,” she explained. “And I don’t want to make this about politics because it’s obvious that our politicians haven’t done anything.”

She said that her suggestion would accomplish two things; employ veterans and protect students.

Barrientes says her idea is already gaining traction among her fellow veterans.

She said “I’ve talked to a lot of my battle buddies and all of us are on board if we were given the opportunity.”

Though her sign read “HIRE A VET,” Barrientes said that she would gladly volunteer her services for free.

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