Residents near Nani Falcone Park report hearing shots fired at night for months

Police say no record of problem

SAN ANTONIO – Homeowners around Nani Falcone Park on the Northwest Side of San Antonio say they have been hearing shots in the middle of the night coming from the park for several months.

Ken Cleghorn said he found shell casings and bullet holes in the park signs that have since been replaced.

"Neighbors have complained, we've had five, six incidents in the last year of someone in the back of the park shooting a firearm," he said.

Community members have taken to social media to report their complaints, because police have said there's no record of a problem.

San Antonio Fear Free Environment Officer Cynthia Celaya said people who hear or witness a crime in progress must report it directly to police if they want a solution. 

"To see people call when the incidents are happening, that's our documentation. That's how we know there's a problem. If we go back and we can’t see there's a problem, we don't know there's a problem," she said.

Cleghorn helped put together a community meeting with Councilwoman Ana Sandoval and the San Antonio Police Department to see what could be done.

Many of those in attendance will be taking a Citizens on Patrol Class in July to learn how to better report crime.

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