Fraud suspect stole more than $800K from SA company, boss says

Federal indictment lists multiple counts of fraud against employee


SAN ANTONIO – Ryan Glenn Martinez is being charged with laundering of money instruments and making false income tax returns after embezzling nearly $400,000 from Southern Folger Detention Equipment Company.

Martinez worked as a controller of accounts for Southern Folger from January 2012 to May 2014 and had access to the company’s accounts and control of company money.

Martinez formed a fake company, M.C. Media, LLC and used MCM, LLC and Southern Folger Distribution as aliases to embezzle money from his employer, according to a federal indictment.

Over the course of two years, Martinez falsified documents, accounts and records to satisfy his own personal agenda to defraud Southern Folger Detention Equipment Company.

“In two years time he embezzled about $813,000 from our company,” president of Southern Folger Detention Donald Halloran said in an interview.

According to the indictment Martinez also stole checks and created false invoices.

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