Police: Internet scams targeting residents near SA over Facebook, emails

Kerrville police urging residents to be vigilant of suspicious messages


KERRVILLE – The Kerrville Police Department is asking its residents to be vigilant for internet scams that are plaguing Facebook and personal emails.

Officials said the department has received numerous reports of various internet scams and fraud attempts targeting community members.

"Facebook users are asked to delete or ignore messages that claim that they have won thousands or millions of dollars in the federal government program for community empowerment and that their names were seen on the winner’s list," officials said in a press release.

Officials said some of the messages have claimed to residents that the government will be sending checks to disabled people and the recipients’ names are on the list.

Scammers have been able to clone or hijack Facebook accounts to send fake messages to friends in an attempt to trick them into sending their personal information and/or money, officials said.

"Please do not respond to them with your personal information, or follow the instructions, even if the messages appear as if they were sent by a friend or a family member," the press release said.

To learn more about the Facebook and email scams, scroll below to read the press release.

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