Confessed Santa Fe gunman doesn't remember much about shooting, his lawyer says

Suspected Santa Fe High School shooter Dimitrios Pagourtzis
Suspected Santa Fe High School shooter Dimitrios Pagourtzis (KPRC2/Click2Houston.com)

SANTA FE – As the confessed Santa Fe High School shooter remains behind bars, one of his attorneys, Nick Poehl, said talks with his client have yielded little information about the shooting.

"He does not have, you know, a very clear recollection of the event and that hasn't changed," Poehl said of his client, Dimitrios Pagourtzis. "So, it makes it difficult for him to talk about it, and difficult for us to get answers to certain questions."

Poehl visited Pagourtzis in jail on Friday and said he has filed a petition to have a judge set a reasonable bond for Pagourtzis.

"The judge is kind of going to have to set a bond, but there's so many factors in terms of Dimitrios' safety and other things that have to be worked out," Poehl said.

Pagourtzis' family wants him released on bond, Poehl said, but are also aware of the security issues his release may pose. Poehl said there are potential threats to Pagourtzis' safety and people who fear him.

"Five minutes on Facebook and you can find some pretty heinous stuff," Poehl said. "So, yeah, it's a concern."

Pagourtzis is charged with capital murder and aggravated assault on a peace officer after he opened fire on his classmates and teachers on May 18.