Three teens under 15 arrested in separate shooting, bomb threats

SEGUIN, Texas – Three teenagers, no older than 14 years old, were arrested by Seguin police this week after making threats against local schools and a police station, according to the Seguin Police Department.

Authorities arrested a 13-year-old boy at Seguin Independent School District's Burges Alternative School last Friday after he expressed his desire to "do a school shooting," and "take over this school," police said.

When arrested, the child told police he was "just joking." He is charged with making a terroristic threat, a class B misdemeanor.

On Thursday, police arrested two children in separate incidents. In one, a 13-year-old student was arrested at his home for calling police and threatening to "blow up the police station," according to police. The child called back twice and told the dispatcher, "Do what I say, or you will be the first to die," then said, "Are you ready to get blown up, -----?"

The 13-year-old is charged with making a terroristic threat.

Police arrested a 14-year-old after he told a group of students, "Maybe I'll do a school shooting?" according to police. The student admitted to the threats and said he'd only carry out a school shooting if someone made him "real mad." He was also charged with terroristic threats.

Seguin's Deputy Chief B. Ure said that while classes were not interrupted, "There was an intent to scare people. That, in and of itself, is a crime.”