Border Patrol revises description of fatal shooting near Laredo

Woman, 19, was from Guatemala; foreign ministry condemns shooting

Courtesy: CNN/Family
Courtesy: CNN/Family

RIO BRAVO, Texas – The U.S. Border Patrol has revised its description of an agent-involved shooting near Laredo that killed a 19-year-old woman who was part of a group that illegally entered the country.

The agency initially said Wednesday that the lone agent fired his gun after being attacked "by multiple subjects using blunt objects." But Border Patrol officials said Friday that the group ignored the agent's demands to get on the ground and "rushed him."

The first statement described the woman killed as "one of the assailants," while the second called her "one member of the group."

Border Patrol spokeswoman Sara Melendez said she can't address specific questions about the releases, but noted they usually do a follow-up statement after the initial one.

Guatemala's foreign ministry condemned the shooting and identified the woman killed as Claudia Patricia Gomez Gonzalez.

Dominga Vicente, an aunt of the victim, said her niece migrated to escape poverty. Vicente said that after graduating as a forensic accountant, Gomez was unable to attend college or find a job so she left Guatemala.

"She looked, looked and nothing," her father, Gilberto Gomez, said to CNN. "I believe that's the reason why she decided to pursue the American dream."

The lack of job opportunities frustrated Gomez Gonzalez, and she decided to leave her home and head to the U.S. to find work, her father said. She was following the footsteps of her boyfriend, who made the same journey about a year before.

The FBI and Texas Rangers are investigating the shooting.

Editor's note: CNN contributed to this story.