New equipment to help Terrell Hills police officers better respond to cardiac arrest

Two AEDs to be on streets at all times, Terrell Hills police chief says

TERRELL HILLS, Texas – In emergency situations, every second counts -- that's why the Terrell Hills Police Department recently purchased two automated external defibrillators that will help police better respond to emergencies involving cardiac arrests.

“Our medical director, Dr. Mark Ogden, suggested that we get some AEDs and get trained to use them because we didn’t have them, and they were an excellent tool to have,” said Terrell Hills Police Chief, William Foley. “So we purchased two AEDs and worked with our fire department on training.”

Foley said it cost the department approximately $900 per unit, adding that the investment was worth it because officers are now able to be of greater assistance during medical emergencies.

“All of our officers are trained, and the units are now on the streets,” said Foley. “Every firefighter is a paramedic, so they helped us big time.”

Foley said the AEDs they purchased are very advanced.

“They give visual cues on how to do CPR,” said Foley. “They are pretty fool-proof.”

Currently, the department has 15 officers with five patrol units. During a shift change, Foley said officers alternate the AEDs, so that they are sure to have two on the streets at all times.

“A lot of times, law officers are the first one to an incident,” said Foley. “With this type of training, anytime someone is having a cardiac event, they can utilize it. Hopefully we won’t have to use the AED, but I am glad that it is there just in case.”

Foley said his officers are excited about having this new equipment.

“Seconds count,” said Foley. “Our officers are ready to jump in and help save lives if this type of emergency arises.”

The San Antonio Police Department also has officers trained to use AEDs. According to a spokesperson for the department, they have 35 officers trained to use AEDs if ever needed.

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