SAPD: Man arrested after lost phone containing child pornography images is found

Kevin Brushae Goodman, 29, charged with possession of child pornography


SAN ANTONIO – A man who lost his cell phone is behind bars after the person who found the phone discovered child pornography on the device.

Police said someone found 29-year-old Kevin Brushae Goodman's phone at Bluemel Road and Gardendale on April 7, 2017. According to an affidavit, the person who found the phone took it home to charge it and see if it worked. When the person turned the phone on, he found several images of what he believed was child pornography.

The person reported his findings to police and authorities obtained a warrant to search the phone.

A forensic report of the phone found 86 pornographic images with victims that "appear as young as 5 years of age," according to an affidavit. Police said they also found "selfies" of Goodman that he had uploaded to Facebook.

The affidavit said authorities served Sprint, Goodman's cell phone service provider, a grand jury subpoena in June 2017. According to Sprint records, Goodman canceled service to his cell phone approximately 14 hours after the person found his phone. The affidavit said Goodman then reopened the account with another device using the same number.

Authorities struggled to locate Goodman and, at one point, San Antonio police went undercover on Facebook to get more information on his whereabouts, the affidavit says.

Goodman was arrested Tuesday morning and charged with possession of child pornography.