Honk for the missing: Families bring attention to cases of loved ones that remain missing


SAN ANTONIO – Several people lined the intersection of Thousand Oaks and Nacogdoches on the Northeast Side Sunday afternoon bearing signs with the faces of their loved ones who remain missing

Participants including Juanita Diaz, encouraged drivers to honk for their missing relatives.

Diaz's mother, Pauline Diaz, disappeared on Dec. 7, 2010. She was last seen in the parking lot of an H-E-B off Southeast Military Drive and Goliad Road.

Surveillance video captured Pauline Diaz leaving the H-E-B, talking with a woman who followed her out of the store. Moments later, Pauline Diaz was gone. Neither woman was ever seen again.

"We're still waiting for answers," Juanita Diaz said. "We want closure. All we want right now is to find her -- to put her where we need to put her and have closure for our family."

Juanita Diaz said the amount of support she's received encourages her and many other families to continue searching for their loved ones.