Man chokes wife, runs over her son, sets house ablaze, police say

Woman's son at University Hospital in stable condition

SAN ANTONIO – A fight between a husband and wife ended with the husband in custody and his stepson in the hospital after his stepfather hit him with his truck.

Police said the man choked his wife, ran over the son, lit the house on fire and drove his truck into the home on the West Side in the 100 block of Ricardo. 

"Nobody deserves to be treated like this," the wife, who did not want to be identified, said. 

The wife of the now-arrested husband was emotional.

"I didn't think he was capable of doing this," the woman said. 

Police said it all started in the husband's vehicle, with the husband choking his wife. Then the woman's son drove up and pulled his mother from the vehicle.

Once the woman got inside her home, the husband got into this truck and ran over the son's legs.


The husband then took a gas tank and poured it on the back and side of the home.

"The next thing we see is a fire on the window," the woman said.


The man drove his truck into the home twice after that, police said.

"The last thing we hear is a boom and everything falling from the walls near the carport," the woman said.


The woman said her husband hadn't hurt her before. She calls her son her guardian angel, saying he saved her life. 

"If it wasn't for my son, I really think he would've done something bad. Maybe I wouldn't even be here right now," she said. 

The victim's daughter, who did not want to be identified, hopes other woman will hear her mother's story and speak up to avoid becoming victims.

"Tell somebody so that way they know," she said. "That way when you do say, 'OK, now it's really bad.' That way they know (to) get you out of the situation or try to get you to help."

The son was taken to University Hospital in stable condition. 

Police said the husband will be charged with aggravated choking assault and possibly arson.

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