12 ways to keep cool in hot weather


SAN ANTONIO – San Antonio is seeing triple digit weather already.

With the heat of summer upon us, many are wondering how to beat the heat.

Staying safe in the heat is always priority number one - always stay hydrated and wear sunscreen if you plan to be outside.

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If you’re going outside for any reason, you might want to try some of these tips and tricks to help beat the heat:

Wear cotton - cotton is a breathable fabric and it’s light. You can also use 100 percent cotton sheets instead of polyester when sleeping.

Pulse points - put ice or a cold compress on pulse points to help lower your body temperature. Pulse points can be found at the wrists, elbows, neck, temples and ankles.

Hydrate - drinking plenty of water is good for you for a number of reasons, including regulating body temperature.

Fans - handheld, electric, paper, whatever works. Fans are friends in the summer heat and there are even some that plug right into your smartphone.

Shade - shade isn’t always readily available but it really does help beat the heat. One simple solution to create your own is just bringing an umbrella with you when you’re going outside.

Ice - it isn’t just for cooling drinks. Popsicles, snow cones, raspas, and other frozen treats will help you feel a little cooler when the weather heats up.

Hair - it can make you hot. If you have a full mane, you should consider skipping the flat iron and putting your hair up to keep it off your neck. Up-dos are in.

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Eat more - eating small meals throughout the day instead of three large meals will help your metabolic heat stay more consistent.

Breathe - this seems obvious since you have to anyway but inhaling through the mouth and exhaling through the nose can help keep you cool.

Blinds - cranking your AC down might not be in the budget so keep your blinds closed to help keep light out. It’s less about turning your abode into a cave and more about keeping the heat out.

Doors - closed doors to unused rooms will help you keep the cold air where you want it. Just shut the vents to rooms that aren’t being used.

Grill - ever heard the term grill and chill? Well the more you grill, the less you need to use your stove and oven which can heat up a house pretty quickly.


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