Fast food chains are trolling IHOP after name change to IHOb -- and it's hilarious

All tea, all shade

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Most of the time, Twitter is used to crack jokes, follow famous celebrities and voice your opinion, but sometimes it's used to drag companies through the coals for making questionable marketing decisions. 

Case in point: IHOP changing its name to IHOb (aka, the International House of Burgers). 

While normal people on Twitter roasted the chain restaurant for changing it's name to focus on burgers instead of pancakes, so did the Twitter accounts to other notable chain restaurants. What resulted was a savage takedown of IHOP/IHob on Twitter that will hopefully be saved forever and placed in the Smithsonian. 

Without further adieu, here is a lesson in how to drag someone (or in this case, a chain restaurant) for filth.




Even brands that aren't fast food restaurants got involved in this mess. 



And our personal favorite, this scalding hot burn from Netflix.  

Never change, you obnoxious brand Twitter accounts. Never change.  

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