BCSO: Man held gun at victim's head, stole cellphone posted for sale online

Julian Rodriguez charged with aggravated robbery with firearm

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SAN ANTONIO – Bexar County sheriff’s deputies arrested a man accused of holding another man at gunpoint and robbing him of his cellphone.

Julian Rodriguez was taken into custody Thursday after SWAT officers with BCSO executed a search-and-arrest warrant in northeast Bexar County.

BCSO Sgt. Elizabeth Gonzalez said Rodriguez and the victim met to sell the cellphone on May 22. 

The victim posted a cellphone for sale online and arranged a meeting with Rodriguez.

Gonzalez said when they met Rodriguez pointed a gun at the victim’s head and fled with the phone.

Investigators linked Rodriguez to the robbery and he was positively identified.

Officers found a firearm and narcotics at the location Rodriguez was arrested, Gonzalez said.

Rodriguez has been charged with aggravated robbery with a firearm, but Gonzalez said more charges could be pending.

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