Business owner sees extensive damage after heavy Corpus Christi floods

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas – The streets of Corpus Christi have dried and there are few signs left of the flooding caused by more than 10 inches of rain over the past few days.

The floodwaters caused extensive damage in some areas of the city. A downtown business owner said her damage is the worst she’s heard of so far citywide.

“About a foot of water just collected on the roof and then seeped into the apartment above us and then just landed here. There’s actually no tenant above us that lives there, so they didn’t even know there was a leak until we came in this morning,” said Jessica Mullen, who co-owns a screen printing shop.

Mullen walked into her store to find chunks of the ceiling sitting in inches of water on the flood. But it’s not the ceiling that concerns her most.

“Our equipment here is probably at least ($10,000) to $20,000,” she said.

The shop is the center of Mullen’s livelihood. The printer creates all of the shirts they make, and Mullen isn’t sure if it will dry without rusting. She can’t say the same for her laptop, though, as it was soaked when she found it.

“We use it every day. It’s totally done,” Mullen said.

The owners are now trying to find a temporary location to work out of, so that they don’t lose out on too much business.

The flooding in the shop was so bad that the floodwaters began seeping into the walls and spread to the business next door.

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