Sewage water lining some Corpus Christi streets after heavy floods

Business owner says sewage water issues happening for 3 years

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas – It may seem like the most Corpus Christi residents had to endure from the floods caused by more than 10 inches of rain was only flooded roads and businesses, but many locals say the worst part of the floods is still lingering in their streets — sewage water.

After soaking rains flooded part of the city, most of the roads finally dried Wednesday. However, sewage water could be seen gushing onto downtown streets.

Feces and feminine hygiene products could be seen sitting in some puddles.

Steven Shook owns a business that lines the sidewalk where sewage water is inching closer.

“We’ve had issues with sewage coming into our streets for three years now,” he said.

Tuesday night was no exception for Shook.

“Anything that people put down their toilet has been floating through our streets,” he said.

A lot next to Shook’s shop is about 3 inches deep with floodwater. He said the water is a mix of rain and sewer water, and the smell usually lingers for about three days or more.

“Most of my customers avoid coming out if they can, and we try to put them off until it goes away. But even after the water’s gone, it takes five to six to seven days before the smell goes away,” Shook said.

Corpus Christi Waste Management personnel have their hands full. A representative said the business owners will have to wait until the water recedes to begin cleanup in the area.

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