Proceeds from 'I really care. Don't you?' shirts to be donated to RAICES

Clothing company responds to first lady's controversial jacket


PORTLAND – A Portland-based clothing company is responding to a controversial jacket the first lady wore to board a plane to visit migrant children in McAllen on Thursday.

The first lady's jacket featured a quote that read, "I really don't care. Do u?"

WILDFANG is selling a $40 shirt that says "I REALLY CARE, DON'T U?" Proceeds from the shirt will go to RAICES, the largest immigration legal services nonprofit in Texas.

The company's description of the shirt reads, "Hey Melania. WE REALLY DO CARE! That's why we made this tee. To say we stand with immigrants. To say WE CARE."

The message on Trump's jacket sparked outrage and criticism from many who felt the jacket was an indirect message on the immigration crisis.

President Donald Trump tweeted Thursday that the jacket referred to the "Fake News Media."