New computer version of card game teaches students about cybersecurity

Cyber Threat Defender is designed to teach essential information

SAN ANTONIO – A card game that teaches students about cybersecurity released a PC version. 

Cyber Threat Defender is designed to teach basic, but essential cyber security information and strategies.

The card game is already used not only in several San Antonio schools but in other countries. 

"Most recently, after all the success with the physical card game, we thought that a digital card game would be the next logical step," said Josef Klein. He is the information security project lead at the Center for Infrastructure assurance and Security (CIAS) at UTSA.

The electronic version is now available. 

With the demand for jobs in cybersecurity growing every day, developers said this game can put those interested in the field one step ahead.

"If they were interested in moving into a technical field going into an educational track or STEM-related fields, that would be something that this game prepares them for," Klein said. 

The card game first launched in April 2016. It teaches essential cybersecurity information and strategies to students. 

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