City manager approves controversial project near Hays Street Bridge

Sheryl Sculley sides with developers on project next to bridge

San Antonio city manager Sheryl Sculley has stepped in and approved a controversial property next to the Hays Street Bridge.                     

On Tuesday, Sculley sided with the developer of 803 North Cherry Street, who plans to build a five-story mixed-use building near the bridge with the eight stipulations that must be satisfied before builders can move forward.

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The development, however, has some worried it may take away from the bridge.

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Mitch Meyer, with Loopy Limited, and his designer must make changes to the lighting to avoid spillover into neighboring residential properties and change the design of the structure, which includes the possibility of reducing the height of the building.

The Historic and Design Review Commission voted against the project twice.

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Sculley stepped in, and in in the documents provided to the developer, explained the HDRC did not have say over the use of the property, only its design.

Opponents of the development gathered Monday night to urge people to speak up in support of keeping the properties around it as public land.

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Meyer and his team will have 60 days to submit a new design with the stipulations and present it to the HDRC.

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