Texas man survives after being stung nearly 1,000 times by bee swarm

81-year-old attacked by bees in Liberty County

CNN Newsource
CNN Newsource

SAN ANTONIO – Thomas Mizell, 81, is on the mend after being attacked by bees and stung nearly 1,000 times.

Mizell was attacked on his farm in Liberty County, which is just north east of Houston.

He was alone and didn’t have a phone.

He ran and jumped into a nearby pond when the bees started attacking him.

Mizell was found shortly after by his wife and son, who came to pick him up 30 minutes early, he said in an interview with CBS.

“I was so thankful, I just thought that this was it,” Mizell said.

Mizell’s daughter said bees were removed from Mizell’s nose and ears once he was taken to the hospital.

Mizell was released from the hospital on his 81st birthday after just one overnight stay.