Videos show rescue teams navigating narrow passageways to save Thai soccer team

Expert divers try to rescue 13 people trapped in Thailand cave


CHIANG RAI, Thailand – Thai authorities and rescue teams from across the globe have flocked to Thailand after 13 people became trapped inside a flooded cave.

A soccer team, 12 boys and their coach, have been trapped in the Tham Luang cave network since June 23, bringing the total number of days spent in the cave to 13.

Thai ex-Navy SEAL Saman Kunan died Friday morning after running out of oxygen on his way back from delivering oxygen tanks to the cave where the team is located, according to CNN.

Videos have now surfaced showing divers navigating some of the narrow passageways used to get to the soccer team.

Some of the flooded passageways used to get to the cave where the team is trapped are reportedly only the size of a single human being. 

With murky water rushing through the passageways and rescuers are concerned that having the boys dive out is a dangerous option.

Below: Video shows divers navigating through narrow passageways and the oxygen tanks divers are using and various rescue efforts.


BELOW: Footage filmed inside the cave shows rescue teams climbing through chamber 3. (Chamber 3 is being used as the underground operation center for the rescue.)


BELOW: A virtual look inside what the cave rescue could look like.