Woman charged with arson after talking daughter into starting apartment fire

LaClandra Walker, 36, has been taken into custody

SAN ANTONIO – A local woman has been arrested, accused of setting fire to her apartment after she was forced to move out by the apartment manager.

LaClandra Walker, 36, has been charged with arson.

According to an arrest warrant affidavit, Walker was arrested in connection to a fire at her apartment on June 18 in the 3600 block of Callaghan Road.

The affidavit said she and her common law husband pressured her 16-year-old daughter into starting the fire, and then had her 11-year-old child help get rid of some of the evidence.

The parents told the teen they would pay her $200 if she started the fire.

The affidavit said Walker was about to be evicted for non-payment of rent and other lease violations. The manager of the apartment said the fire happened after she told Walker she would have to move out.

Walker also stands accused of setting fire to her previous apartment in Corpus Christi back in July 2017 and trying to make her 7-year-old daughter take the blame.

The affidavit said she's also under investigation for a 2012 fire that occurred in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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