Residents of NW Side neighborhood fed up with drivers crashing through fences

SAN ANTONIO – Property owners along a problematic stretch of road on the Northwest Side say they're fed up with drivers who crash into their fences.

Sylvia Rios’ home backs up to New Guilbeau Road between Old Tezel Road and Loop 1604. Her yard is covered in debris left behind after a suspected drunk driver veered off the road and tore through her fence.

“City council has got to step in in my opinion to do something,” she said. “Please help us in trying to find a solution to this problem this cannot keep happening.”

Rios says the damage will cost her about $3,000 and that the driver, Pedro Montoya III, did not have insurance. Court records show he was charged with driving while intoxicated.

Many of Rios' neighbors along the problematic stretch are sporting new fences because, she says, drivers have crashed into them. Residents think the problem is the way the road was designed.

“The drivers seem to gain speed and lose control and this is what happens,” Rios said.

She says road signs and flashing speed limit signs have not done much to help.

Rios, whose fence has been hit twice, said she's reached a breaking point with her situation and has decided to move. Still, she said her moving doesn't change things for future residents.

"What will happen to the people who will occupy this same house?” she said.

KSAT has reached out to the city to see what, if any, plans they have to improve conditions along that stretch of road. Because city offices are closed on Sundays, the city did not respond.

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