Local video game collector looks at evolution of gaming

Tech SA showcases technological advances

SAN ANTONIO – In this week’s Tech SA, we take a look at technological advances in video games. 

Alejandro "A.J." Martinez Jr., the owner of Propaganda Palace located at 2100 McCullough, takes KSAT 12 inside his video game store. 

“People remember all of these things that are part of their livelihood from when they were kids,” Martinez said. 

Over the years, they have seen technology change gaming, including multi-dimensional games and portability. 

“You couldn’t remove them and be distant from the console, you had to be at the console along with the other person,” Martinez said. 

He said the quality of the video, music and graphics have changed drastically, too. 

AJ Martinez Jr. takes after his dad, Alejandro Martinez Sr. whose passion is also video games. 

“His job was to go from TV store to TV store and try to get the owners to carry this, even though they never heard of Atari or video games or Pong,” AJ Martinez said. 

His dad stays close to the business doing repairs. 

They have been collecting video games and other electronics for many years. 

“I think I’ve lived in the best time in the world as far as technology. When I started in technology, everything was towers and vacuum tubes and now everything is micro size,” Alejandro Martinez Sr. said. 

While it’s hard to say what the future for gaming is, but AJ Martinez said it’s exciting to think about. 

“Maybe it will be like 'Star Trek' where you say computer engage and the next thing you know, you are on the holodeck and now it’s a pirate ship in the 1600s,” he said. 

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