Memorial bracelet found in Frio River returned to fallen airman's family

Cody Harter's memorial bracelet returned by good Samaritan from SA


SAN ANTONIO – Matthew Jenke went snorkeling in the Frio River and found a bracelet with the name "Cody Harter" on it. Jenke decided to find the man and give him the lost bracelet.

At the time, he had no idea that Cody Harter was an Air Force member who had died in May during a road rage incident.

Jenke posted on the Kick Back for Cody Facebook page that he found the bracelet. Hartmer's mother, sister and fiance with commented about how special it was finding that he found it. 

"It was incredible at that moment," said Jenke. 

Comments included, "My wife and I are speechless. Well done.Thanks SO MUCH for researching like you did," and "Thank you for returning this to his family. Cody was a blessing to all that knew him. You are such a wonderful person to have researched this & made contact. God Bless You!!"

That's when Jenke learned that Harter had died and the bracelet belonged to Harter's best friend.

Every year Harter's family made a trip from Missouri to the Frio River. In memory of Harter, his best friend jumped from the cliff just as Harter had done a year prior. During the jump, he lost Harter's memorial bracelet. 

Within a week, Jenke had found the bracelet and sent it back to Harter's family in Missouri. 

Jenke said he was brought to tears upon discovering who Harter was. 

"It was more than a bracelet. It's a whole other story," said Jenke.

Jenke has gone to the Frio River regularly for the past 40 years, on his next trip, he hopes to see Harters's family floating the river. 


Dillion lost his Cody bracelet in the Frio River when he jumped from a cliff that Cody had jumped from the year before. ...

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