More people downsizing, choosing to live in RVs

New lifestyle helps reduce clutter, offers movability

SAN ANTONIO – Letting go years of stuff, that’s how families are describing the seemingly more and more popular lifestyle of moving into an RV.

KSAT 12 toured one family’s new home and talked about the big change.

Why the move from a house?

“I got to thinking since we are downsizing, why not just get RVs?” asked Kevin Blakley.

Blakley is now a retired member of the Air Force and has been living in an RV for about a year now.

Blakley says one of the main reasons for being an RV full-timer is the opportunity.

“You’re mobile, so you’re not tied to one place and we see that as a big advantage we have some ideas of where we’d like to settle down, but this way we can actually visit and live there a while before making that decision,” Blakley said.

Also, he said letting go of all his “stuff” was nice.

“We have simplified, it is amazing how much stuff you accumulate over the years that you don’t really need and without a lot of that stuff life is just a little easier,” Blakley said.

How has it been so far?

“We have everything need, we don’t really feel cramped, so we are happy with it,” Blakley said.

He admitted sometimes when his full family visits and with a golden retriever it can be a lot, but for just him and his wife, he said it’s almost perfect.

And Blakley said they already have their first big trip planned.

“Head up through Utah and Colorado then look back to San Antonio then we hope to make the big trip up to Alaska,” Blakley said.

Kathy Chittenden, manager of Blazin Star Luxury RV Resort said she had seen an uptick in the last 5-10 years and it’s not just retirees and people from the north trying escape the cold.

“The property taxes and just stuff and it seems like a lot of people are just tired of that,” Chittenden said.

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