Police officer testifies about bloody double-murder scene

Luis Antonio Arroyo on trial for capital murder

SAN ANTONIO – A veteran San Antonio police officer on Tuesday painted for a jury a graphic picture of a double-murder scene he faced as he answered a call for a domestic disturbance call on the night of Jan. 21, 2016.

Officer Jeff Markgraf testified in the capital murder trial of Luis Antonio Arroyo.

The defendant is accused of killing Quikether Harris, 36, and Rodney Spring. He's also charged with stabbing Harris' mother, Tandylyn Jackson.

Markgraf said as he arrived at the woman's apartment in the 3800 block of Sherril Brook, he found the door slightly ajar.

"As I look inside, I notice a female victim laying on the floor with what appeared to be a knife sticking out of her chest," Markgraf testified.

The woman was later identified as Harris.

Further inside the apartment, Markgraf said he found the body of Spring, who was shot to death.

In another room, the officer found Harris' mother.

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