Home leveled by flames as firefighters struggled to get enough water to extinguish fire

Neighbors say fire hydrant had no water

SAN ANTONIO – A south Bexar County family of five lost their home Tuesday as they watched firefighters struggle to find enough water to put out the fire.

The fire happened around 3:30 p.m. at a home on Whispering Winds Drive near Highway 281 and Loop 1604. Neighbors who rushed to try and put out the fire with shovels were relieved to see firefighters arriving, but that turned into frustration, says Linda Ailscie, a neighbor.

“I had to yell at one firefighter, ‘There’s no water in those hydrants,”” she said, pointing to a hydrant nearby.

She said they watched as the firefighters ran out of water from the tankers arriving and had to run hoses from a hydrant. which was about three-tenths of a mile away.  “They didn’t have enough hoses to run up the street to even put out the fire.”

Bexar County Fire District 2 Battalion Chief Ryan Crady said that was one of the many obstacles firefighters had to overcome trying to put out the fire.

The home was filled with items inside and out, making it difficult to reach the fire, he said.

“We can only do what we can do with what we have until we can get the water supply that we need,” he explained.

“They were doing what they could with what they had but they had nothing. The fire just burned,” Ailscie said.

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