Inside the San Antonio International Airport's massive recycling effort

Airport handles 14-16 tons of recyclables per month

SAN ANTONIO – Addressing the tens of thousands of pounds of recyclable products the San Antonio International Airport takes in each month is a major undertaking, the airport's public relations manager Tonya Hope said.

The airport recycles 14 to 16 tons -- or 28,000 to 32,000 pounds -- of recyclable products per month. 

Hope said the airport has recycling and garbage bins side-by-side to make it easier for travelers.

“They are strategically placed throughout the airport,” Hope said. 

The airport also has other recyclable efforts to handle "the things you can’t take on the airport, like shampoos and soap and some of those liquids, and we have those in another area," Hope said. 

The airport recycles cans, cooking oil, cardboard, metal and even items like printer cartridges. 

Recently the airport installed water stations. Instead of throwing away a plastic bottle, travelers can empty it before passing through security screen and then refill it after they've passed through. 

“We have them in Terminals A and B, on the secure side and non-secure side. So you can always get filtered water,” Hope said. 

Hope said airport officials plan to come up with more ways to increase recycling in the future. 

Currently the airport uses the company Republic Services for recycling.

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