Mistrial declared in Luis Antonio Arroyo trial

Arroyo charged in killings of two people in argument over cigarettes

SAN ANTONIO – A judge Thursday declared a mistrial in the capital murder trial of a man charged in the shooting and stabbing deaths of two people after an argument over cigarettes.

Jurors deliberated for about 13 hours over two days in the trial of Luis Antonio Arroyo, but were unable to reach a verdict.

During deliberations, jurors sent notes to the judge, saying they were deadlocked 6-6, with no hope of reaching a unanimous verdict.

In the final hour behind closed doors, District Judge Kevin O'Connell asked each juror whether continued deliberations could produce a unanimous verdict, but each panelist answered no and O'Connell declared the mistrial.

The case will more than likely be tried at a later date with another jury.

Arroyo, who is charged in the slayings of Rodney Spring and Quikether Harris in January 2016, will return to jail until his new trial.

Harris' mother, Tandylyn Jackson, was stabbed multiple times but survived the attack.

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