The Children's Shelter expands to provide mental health services

Mental health services include trust therapy, parent to child therapy

SAN ANTONIO – On Friday, The Children's Shelter opened the Harvey E. Najim Hope Center 2 , which will provide mental health services to traumatized children. 

The new facility is located at The Children's Shelter on 2939 W. Woodlawn Ave.  

The Children's Shelter Harvey E. Najim Hope Center 2 will provide mental health care for children as young as 2, who have experienced neglect, abuse and/or abandonment. 

Licensed therapists and a social work team will be available to provide families with in-home resources to prevent further trauma, a news release said. 

Workers at Hope Center 2 will strive to provide therapeutic intervention to stop the cycle of abuse within families. 

Harvey E. Najim, the local philanthropist who donated the funds that made the expansion possible said he hopes this mental health service will provide hope for traumatized children. 

"I think it's very sad. My fondest hope, if we can talk about the Hope Center, (is that) someday we can close both of these centers and we won't need 'em any longer. We need to take care of these children -- abused, abandoned or neglected -- and we have to give them hope that they can lead a normal life," Najim said. 

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