Driver rear-ends tractor-trailer hauling 80,000 pounds of gasoline

Driver of big rig says he ran from crash site anticipating explosion


SAN ANTONIO – The driver of a Toyota Tundra was taken to University Hospital with serious head injuries Saturday morning after he rear-ended a tractor-trailer carrying gasoline, police said.

The 18-wheeler was traveling West on Highway 90 when the driver of the Tundra, for unknown reasons, rear-ended the big rig, according to police.

The driver of the tractor-trailer told KSAT that he was traveling behind a funeral procession going approximately 30 miles per hour. He said he ran from the crash site because he thought his tractor-trailer, which was hauling 80,000 pounds of gasoline, would explode. 

The trailer carrying the gasoline was not punctured in the crash, police said.

The driver of the Tundra was taken to the hospital with serious injuries and the driver of the big rig was uninjured, according to authorities.

Police said there were no skid marks on the road, which indicates that the driver did not brake before the crash.