Neighbors organize barbecue fundraiser for family whose home was destroyed in massive fire

Firefighters struggled to find water to extinguish flames, officials say

BEXAR COUNTY, Texas – The community on Sunday lent a helping hand to a family of five that lost their home and all of their belongings in a massive fire nearly two weeks ago.

A barbecue fundraiser was held at B&N Sports Bar with the goal of providing the family enough funds to get back on their feet.

Yasmin Gonzales, the owner of the home that was destroyed, said her three children have kept her strong in the aftermath of the fire.

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"They keep me going," Gonzales said. "I didn't lose my children. I lost material things."

Firefighters struggled to find enough water to extinguish the flames at Gonzales' South Bexar County home. Two nearby hydrants, firefighters said, did not have water. Crews had to utilize a hydrant that was farther away.

By the time the fire was put out, Gonzales' home was leveled by the flames.

Gonzales said her children, ages four, eight and 15, were raised in their home of 17 years.

The family said they were driving back from a fishing trip when they learned their home had been destroyed. All they have left now are memories, Gonzales said.

"That's probably what hits me hardest," Gonzales said. "Pictures I have in here, that too. It's just never going to be the same."

Neighbors and members of the community aimed to raise $5,000 through the plate sale to help get Gonzales'  family back on their feet. Family friend Gloria Davis said she wishes this never happened to them.

"I want to help them," Davis said. "I want to fix everything for them. I know I can't do it myself, so as you can see everybody here has come together to help them."

Gonzales said they're staying with her parents for the time being. She said she hopes to one day build a new home on their property and make new memories.

"Cleanup is priority," Gonzales said. "We got to get our house bulldozed down and clean the property up, and we'll start rebuilding."

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