ON THE LAM: Man linked to several burglaries in Bandera County escapes patrol unit

Suspect described as 6-foot white man with shaved head, camouflage clothes


BANDERA COUNTY, Texas – A man wanted in connection with at least four burglaries in Bandera County is on the lam after authorities say he escaped a patrol unit at the jail.

Robert Lynch, 28, was arrested around 2 p.m.  Monday while in the act of robbing a home in the Rio Hondo subdivision in Tarpley, Texas. After the arrest, deputies said that Lynch was somehow able to open a door to the patrol car and jump out.

The agency has deployed a helicopter and K-9s to look for Lynch. Deputies believe he may still be in handcuffs.

Lynch is described as a 6-foot-tall white man with a shaved head. He was last seen in the area of 16 North 470.

He was wearing a camouflage shirt and shorts when he was last seen.

The Sheriff's Office asks anyone who encounters the man to not approach him and, instead, to contact the Sheriff's Office.

Authorities said that Lynch would rob unoccupied homes of expensive items, including firearms, and steal vehicles at the homes -- the most expensive vehicle being a H1 Hummer.

While deputies believe they've recovered most of the stolen property, they continue to search for Lynch.

As of 11:00 PM He has not been caught and he has not been seen in town, I have been updating information on here as...

Posted by Bandera Marshal's Office on Monday, August 6, 2018