Mayor Ron Nirenberg and Shea Serrano become friends over Mexican food

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SAN ANTONIO – Best selling author and San Antonio native Shea Serrano made a new friend over tacos and salsa on Tuesday: Mayor Ron Nirenberg.

Serrano, who announced last month that he would be returning to San Antonio, broke tortillas with Nirenberg at Taco Taco Cafe.

Nirenberg posted a photo of the pair with nearly-clear plates, saying it was "great to dine with the man." Nirenberg also welcomed Serrano back to San Antonio, adding that he was "glad (he's) bringing (his) talents back to San Antonio.

Serrano quote-tweeted the Mayor, saying, "made friends with the mayor of san antonio today lol the universe is wild."

Serrano, a Spurs super fan who authored "Basketball (And Other Things)" and "The Rap Year Book," attended Southwest High School.

He is currently working with ABC on developing a sitcom based on his life growing up in a big, Mexican family.

Serrano is in the process of writing a script for ABC, but will have to contend with other storylines for a chance to have his ideas make it on air. In November, ABC purchased a "put-pilot," meaning they committed to making a pilot episode of Serrano's storyline, and if the pilot doesn't air, ABC will owe the producers money.