When a nail salon refused to paint a disabled woman's nails, a Walmart cashier stepped in


When employees of a nail salon inside a Michigan Walmart reportedly refused to paint a woman's nails due to a disability which causes her to shake her hands, a Walmart cashier stepped in.

The act of kindness is inspiring many across the nation.

The cashier, Ebony Harris, told ABC News that when she found out that the salon denied Angela Peters service because they were worried she would shake too much, she volunteered to forgo her break and paint Peters' nails.

Harris told ABC News that Peters is a regular customer of hers and wanted to make her day special, so the two picked out a sparkling shade of blue and Harris painted her nails at a Subway inside the Walmart.

"I just wanted to do her nails and I didn’t want her day to be ruined," Harris told ABC News.

According to ABC News, Tasia Smith, an employee at the Subway, saw the kind gesture and snapped a photo, posting it to Facebook.

Today, this sweet girl went into burton Wal-Mart's nail salon "Da Vi nails" and they denied her service because "she...

Posted by Tasia Smith on Monday, July 30, 2018

"It's an absolute shame that they denied her for something so little," Smith wrote. "They will not be getting any service from me ever again! Thank you to the Walmart workers for making this beautiful girl's day!"

Walmart released the following statement to ABC News regarding the kind act:

"Ebony simply wanted to make sure our customer’s day was special, and that’s the kind of person she is -- someone with a wonderful attitude who goes the extra mile each day to make those around her feel important. We're not surprised at her act of kindness. Her service to customers defines the spirit of Walmart, and we couldn’t be more proud."

As for the nail salon that reportedly denied Peters service, Peters said she forgives the establishment.

"I forgive the nail people for not doing my nails," Peters told ABC News in a statement. "When people do us wrong we must forgive, if not we harbor bitterness. I don't want anyone fired, I just [want to] educate people that people with different challenges like being in a wheelchair, we can have our own business and get our nails done like anyone else."