Man on trial for murder claims self-defense in shooting death of business partner

David Gomez on trial for murder of Isaac Flores

SAN ANTONIO – David Gomez and Isaac Flores had a trucking business that was failing, and patience with each other was waning thin, according to both the state and the defense in the murder trial of Gomez, who is accused of shooting Flores to death on April 7, 2015.

Though he claimed he shot Flores in self-defense, Gomez was charged with murder.

As Gomez’s trial began Wednesday, prosecutor Stephanie Franco told the jury that “self-defense is not a shield you get to stand behind when you commit murder.”

Franco said money and personnel troubles plagued the men’s business. They were troubles that ended in murder, Franco said, as she told the jury of Gomez's interview with police

“(Gomez) pulls out the gun, and he tells the detective, ‘I told (Flores) he had to leave, and then he threw everything off my desk and he lunged over the desk at me and I had to shoot,’" Franco said.

Though Franco called it murder, Gomez's lawyer, George Shaffer, insisted his client was just trying to defend himself from Flores.

Shaffer called Flores "an enraged aggressor with known violent tendencies that would not stop, that kept coming.”

Testimony is expected to continue Thursday in Felony Impact Court with Sr. State District Judge Dick Alcala presiding.

About the Author:

Paul Venema is a courthouse reporter for KSAT with more than 25 years experience in the role.