Jury hears accused killer's account of business partner's shooting

David Gomez: 'I loved the guy, he was like family'

SAN ANTONIO – Speaking in a calm, measured manner, David Gomez told police how he shot and killed his trucking company business partner the night of April 7, 2015.

Gomez, 51, claimed that he fired three close-range shots at Isaac Flores, 45, in self-defense during a heated argument over company policy and money at their North Side office in the 900 block of Bitters Road.

Two shots hit Flores. One in his chest, another in his shoulder, police said.

"He was coming over the desk, I had my gun in my hand and said, 'Stop, stop,'" Gomez said on the video that was viewed by the jury Thursday at his murder trial.

"He is so enraged, and pulling it out made him madder," Gomez said. "He was so red and swollen that, I swear, it would be me dead there."

Following the shooting, Gomez said he called police and surrendered to officers when they arrived.

"I loved the guy, he was like family. That's not what I wanted to happen," Gomez said in the interview later at San Antonio Public Safety Headquarters.

Prosecutors rejected Gomez's self-defense claim. 

During opening arguments on Wednesday, prosecutors told jurors that the evidence betrays Gomez's account of the shooting.

If convicted of murder, Gomez could face a maximum punishment of life in prison.

Testimony is expected to continue Friday in Felony Impact Court with senior State District Judge Dick Alcala presiding.

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